Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships are designed to support a student’s financial aid package or a professorship for a faculty member on an annual basis. The donor commits to a set number of years over which he/she will provide annual support, and is awarded each year the funding is in place.

Annual Scholarships:

  • Provide the donor with the opportunity to meet their scholarship recipient
  • Provide a temporary naming opportunity for the donor
  • Offer two funding opportunities:

Scholarships: Require a minimum gift of $5,000 per year. The Financial Aid office chooses a suitable recipient, e.g., the recipient may have the same major or be from the same town/state as the donor.

Professorship: Require a minimum gift of $10,000 per year. Funds may be used by the faculty member to support off site faculty workshops and training or other enrichment opportunities. The Provost chooses a suitable recipient.

For more information on annual scholarships, please contact the Office of Advancement at 866-622-4766 or by email.

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