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Relive the Bison's Den

Join us at Homecoming 2016 as we reopen the infamous Bison’s Den. Memorabilia, live
music, and only the best domestics on tap on Friday, September 30 from 8-10:30.

Reserve your spot here today!

In 1968, Jack Hills ’69 and Dick Patterson ’68 shared a
vision to create a bar on campus. Through hours of fundraising and receiving
donations of both money and bar equipment, the Nichols College bar officially
opened in November of 1968.

In the early ‘70s, the drinking age was lowered and the
student run bar was ready to expand. The bar was sharing the space with the
Nichols College Fire Department, and the students “were able to relocate them,
knock down a wall, and add windows” to expand their space, John “Bullit” Maffeo
’75 explained.

The new and improved bar had a grand reopening in February
1975, and was then voted on the infamous name, The Bison’s Den.

The student employees at the Bison’s Den threw several events
for those of age to attend. A memorable event was Growler Night in 1975, where
patrons could receive a small silver pail that they could drink from all
evening for $5. Even famous Aerosmith artist, Steven Tyler, made an
appearance at the Bison's Den in 1975.

During the fall of 1989, the Bison’s Den was utilized for
events, but at this time, alcohol was not permitted. Several students wanted to
revive it as the campus watering hole, but over time it became used as office
space, inaccessible for students.

The reopening of the Bison’s Den will occur on Friday,
September 30, the weekend of Homecoming. Whether it’s your first time there or
your previous hang out spot, the Bison’s Den will be a fond memory for all.



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An inspirational challenge

NC May14 432

During the public phase of the Bicentennial Campaign, the college hopes to increase the number of endowed scholarships from 30 to at least 45.  John Davis ’72, chairman of the Board of Trustees and co-chair of the campaign, has recently committed $1 million to scholarship, a portion of which will be used to inspire – and challenge – donors to reach our goal.

Here’s how it works: A commitment of at least $25,000 is needed to endow a scholarship. This can be paid all at once or over a maximum period of five years. Either way, the fund will not generate enough income to award that scholarship until about a year after the $25,000 is paid in full. So, in some cases, it could take five or six years. John Davis is challenging donors to commit to endowing a scholarship for at least $25,000 before the close of the campaign in June 2017. For each scholarship created, he will donate $10,000 to ensure that a $2,000 scholarship can be distributed to a deserving student in the donor’s name right away, for a maximum of five years or until the commitment is paid in full.

Contact Bill Pieczynski at or 866-622-4766 to begin leaving your legacy with an endowed scholarship today.



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